Thank you for your interest in Thank You Scientist.

For management, booking, press inquiries, etc. please email:
George Roskos at Architekt Music ||

For merchandise and sales inquiries, please email:

Band Members:
Salvatore Marrano – Vocals
Tom Monda – Guitar
Cody McCory- Bass
Odin Alvarez – Drums
Ben Karas- Violin
Ellis Jasenovic – Saxophone
Andrew Digrius – Trumpet

4 Responses to 'Contact'

  1. Wagner says:


    I’ve bought your album and it’s stunning!!

    Is there any way I could get the guitar tabs of Concrete Swan Dice or Carnival?

    Thank you very much and keep the albums comming!

  2. Jaroslav Zakutny says:

    my name is Jaro, I’m 45 years old and I’m your big fan. My English is not so good but I’d like to express my admiration toward you and your amazing music. I’m from Slovakia and I would be happy if you someday can visit our country Slovakia as a part of your concert tour.
    I’m collecting all about you and your music and I would be happy if you’ll send me your photography with your signature. Please (excuse me, I would like one of yours guitar pick ?)
    In advance thank you very much.

    I wish you good luck and I hope I will hear lots of good music from you as well!

    THANK YOU SCIENTIST music is fantastic, thank you for it!

    Greetings from Slovakia,

    My address:

    Jaroslav Zakutny
    Viedenska 3
    040 13 Kosice

  3. Danny Smith says:

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy your music. I know funds are tight for all of us, but I’ve been telling a bunch of people around campus about you and I think it would be awesome if you guys came and played a show here in Richmond, VA. I do wish to make a donation to your cause once my tax return hits (having seen your kickstarter video. It won’t be much, but as a musician, (and without brown-nosing you too much), I can honestly say you have become one of my influences musically. I would also like to put you in contact with a few of my close friends who are launching a startup called The Nibblr, which is a media expansion side designed to put the control of music back in the hands of the artist. You can contact Sam Berson- for further details. Again, I think it would be amazing if you guys came to Richmond to play a show, and if you decide to, I can honestly say my friends and I would do everything in our power to promote such an event. Thank you again for your time.

    Danny Smith, Richmond,VA

  4. Daniel Summerhill says:

    Hey guys,

    Love your music and just purchased your EP and full length. I was wondering if there was a possibility of getting the lyrics for both of them. If not, can you point me in the right direction to find them? I would love to see them, thanks.


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